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Partnership with Wave Energy Ireland

J.J. Campbell and Associates are working in partnership with Wave Energy Ireland to develop clean, renewable and sustainable technologies to convert the abundant wind and wave energy resource available off the west coast of Ireland, and at other locations around the world, to usable electrical power. By taking advantage of Ireland’s natural resources we believe that not only can Ireland ultimately become virtually energy independent and a net exporter of energy, but also that an indigenous marine based renewable energy industry has the potential to create hundreds if not thousands of long-term sustainable jobs.

To this aim, JJ Campbell and Associates has engaged in the process of the design and testing of a large, floating platform to be located some distance offshore. Locating such technologies offshore reduces the visual impact, noise pollution and flicker issues commonly associated with land based wind turbines. However, the harsh marine environment presents unique structural design challenges to ensure the survivability of any structure located at sea. JJ Campbell’s roll is to overcome these challenges.

The platform would incorporate one or more offshore wind turbines and a number of wave energy converting devices based on the oscillating water column, and would produce enough energy to power up to 15,000 homes.

The platform has been tested successfully at a scale of 1:50, and the project is now working towards the development of larger scale sea-going prototypes.

Floating platform tested in HMRC, Cork